Creative Loafing • January 2010 • Chad Radford

Bernadette Seacrest transcends the blues in life and song

The Filthy South Sessions is driven by femme fatale’s noirish confidence

Bernadette Seacrest looks like trouble.

The 45-year-old femme fatale and singer who fronts the trio known simply as Her Provocateurs, has the face of a 1950s pin-up model and the tattoos of an old-school, streetwise punk. Continue reading • December 2009 • Mel Minter

Bernadette Seacrest and Her Provocateurs The Filthy South Sessions (

With a voice that promises everything, including maybe 20 years in the pen, vocalist/co-producer Bernadette Seacrest conjures a noir underbelly of a world on The Filthy South Sessions, with help from co-producers Charles Williams (guitars), who wrote all 12 tunes, Kris Dale (double bass, pedal steel) and guests. Continue reading