June 2005

Tuesday 17th The Rhythm Room – Phoenix, AZ Thursday 19th PLUSH – Tuscon, AZ Friday 20th Cinema Bar – Los Angeles, CA Saturday 21st private event San Francisco Sunday 22nd LIQUID KITTY – Santa Monica, CA Tuesday 24th ZEBULON’S – Petaluma, CA Wednesday 25th BRUNO’S – San Francisco, CA

Creative Loafing • January 2010 • Chad Radford

Bernadette Seacrest transcends the blues in life and song

The Filthy South Sessions is driven by femme fatale’s noirish confidence

Bernadette Seacrest looks like trouble.

The 45-year-old femme fatale and singer who fronts the trio known simply as Her Provocateurs, has the face of a 1950s pin-up model and the tattoos of an old-school, streetwise punk. Continue reading